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NO.1 An organization has setup multiple IAM users. The organization wants that each IAM user
accesses the IAM console only within the organization and not from outside. How can it achieve this?
A. Configure the EC2 instance security group which allows traffic only from the organization's IP range
B. Create an IAM policy with a condition which denies access when the IP address range is not from
the organization
C. Create an IAM policy with VPC and allow a secure gateway between the organization and AWS
D. Create an IAM policy with the security group and use that security group for AWS console login
Answer: B

AWS-SysOps 本番   
AWS Identity and Access Management is a web service which allows organizations tomanage users
and user permissions for various AWS services. The user can add conditions as a part of the IAM
policies. Thecondition can be set on AWS Tags, Time, and Client IP as well as on many other
parameters. If the organization wants the user to access only from a specific IP range, they should set
an IAM policy condition which denies access when the IP is not in a certain range. E.g. The sample
policy given below denies all traffic when the IP is not in a certain range.

NO.2 A user has setup a CloudWatch alarm on the EC2 instance for CPU utilization. The user has
setup to receive a notification on email when the CPU utilization is higher than 60%. The user is
running a virus scan on the same instance at a particular time. The user wants to avoid receiving an
email at this time. What should the user do?
A. Disable the alarm for a while using CLI
B. Remove the alarm
C. Modify the CPU utilization by removing the email alert
D. Disable the alarm for a while using the console
Answer: A

AWS-SysOps PDF   
Amazon CloudWatch alarm watches a single metric over a time period that the user specifies and
performs one or more actionsbased on the value of the metric relative to a given threshold over a
number of time periods. When the user has setup an alarm and it is known that for some
unavoidable event the status may change to Alarm, the user can disable the alarm using the
DisableAlarmActions API or from the command line mon-disable-alarm-actions.

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